Arranging a secret story appears to be sufficiently simple

  • April 20, 2021

 to most journalists. Choose who the executioner, casualty and investigator are. Give the executioner a reason to perpetrate his wrongdoing and the casualty motivation to be slaughtered. Piece of cake, isn’t that so? 


A secret with just one plot line would be a lovely exhausting story. Secret stories ought to be multi-layered, with one significant and a few minor plotlines to keep the peruser intrigued and needing to know more. Subplots add surface to a secret story. They can emerge out of numerous areas in your story. Here are a couple of those spots you can discover your subplots. Visit :- สรุปการท่องเที่ยว

Back Story 

Each character in your novel ought to have some sort of back story, regardless of whether it is just a minor one. These are incredible spots to discover a subplot for your secret. Perhaps your criminal investigator was captured as a youngster for doubt of homicide. Or on the other hand your miscreant has a mysterious love of kitties. You can use back story to uncover insider facts, convictions, and wants to make your story more sensational or even silly. The back story can be utilized to assemble or diminish strain. 

Optional Characters 

These characters are great subplot vehicles. Here and there a character comes into a story that amazes the author with how great they are, adding truly necessary subplot material. Frequently the author needs to discover the character who will do this. When you settle on what characters will be related with the subplot, be certain you tissue that character out enough to make it work.


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