I actually have played thousands and thousands of arms of blackjack.

  • October 16, 2021

I started out sneaking into the casinos after I was 16. I actually have performed online blackjack, I actually have counted cards, and labored with a crew for a quick whilst. With all that said I have nevertheless lost a variety of money at blackjack. The casinos have made it almost impossible to overcome the sport.

I nevertheless enjoy the sport and play on a ordinary foundation. Over the years I actually have performed a version of blackjack referred to as “The Take it Leave it Method”. You will now not get wealthy with this approach or beat the house, but you will have a variety of fun. This technique is based totally on the truth that blackjack seems to be a sport of streaks. When you’re hot your warm, and while your no longer you are NOT! So that is what I do- Visit :- คาสิโนบาคาร่าสด

I play simple strategy blackjack. When I lose I guess the desk minimum on the subsequent hand. Lets say $5 . If I lose once more I wager $5 again and many others. Once I win I take the $five paid to me and guess $5 again. If I win this hand I leave the $five paid to me and bet $10 overall. If I win once more I take the $10 paid to me, and if I win the subsequent hand I go away it for a total of $20. I hold having a bet this manner “Take it Leave it etc”. Once I lose I decrease the bet go into reverse to $five.

I am very strict and by no means “chook out”. It gets very exciting sometimes. If you win a few hands inside the row your bets go up very brief. Before you realize it you’re having a bet $one hundred-200/ hand. I actually have had excellent streaks a few instances now. I left a $5 desk at the Luxor some years lower back with $750 after 45 mins using this method! And some months ago in Vegas I left a desk with $1200!

You should take into account that you can lose a lot quicker this manner too!. But it clearly makes the sport extra interesting. And you will be surpised on the streaks you notice playing this way. Below is a chart of what you would guess if you stored prevailing at a $10 desk.


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