I am one Professional Speaker/Cartoonist who uses funny

  • September 22, 2021

and relevant cartoons in all my presentations, memos and promotional activities. People start to count on and clearly look forward to hearing from you when they recognise there will be a bit humour attached to every message. As I constantly say:” Humour makes extraordinary things appear.”

Note: The New Yorker Magazine did a readership survey and located that the primary element their subscribers examine changed into the cartoons. Visit :- มังงะ

Why Use Cartoons?

1. Not most effective do cartoons get your message across however additionally they get and preserve target audience interest. I try to use a few form of humour every 6 mins in all my speeches.

2. Cartoons preserve humans in your page longer and direct their attention to a particular item or offer. They also are notable at growing a experience of urgency.

Three. They make you and your provide stand in and out a world in which we are exposed to masses of commercials each day standing out is vital.

Four. Cartoons are amusing and those are attracted to what’s amusing.

5. We had been all raised on cartoons and nevertheless discover them captivating.

6. People will don’t forget you, your message, product and service because of your humorous ad.


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