My image is two fish. During my Piscean Era, they embodied the secrets and

  • May 14, 2022

techniques of the duality of life/demise. That duality is beginning now to dissolve at the side of many other dualities that now not serve a purpose; as lots of you’ve got evolved an abundance of the features of the God of Will and the Goddess of Love. Although you have continually been immortal, you do now not convey that focus with you into each new life. You go away your past behind.

Conscious Immortality New Ideal

With techniques like past life regressions, you are now capable of retrieve those reminiscences and feelings for both your advantage these days in addition to bringing to the forefront issues nonetheless needing decision. The veil between lifestyles and dying proper is stripped away proper now, and conscious immortality is turning into the new idealism. Visit :- ชุดไม้กอล์ฟ

Forgiveness Recharges You

At the moment, demise nonetheless serves a motive. In the non-psychical realm of demise, you discover ways to truly forgive yourself to your hurtful moves and make geared up to start anew, which recharges you. Forgiveness is one in every of my Piscean virtues; or traits as Aquarius calls them.

Forgiveness Propels You to the Future

In existence itself, the faster you may really forgive your self for hurting someone deliberately or thru your naivety, and of course make aware amends inside the second, the faster you could start on a new chapter. Otherwise, you live stuck inside the current bankruptcy of your lifestyles, trying to justify your moves. It takes a number of braveness to say, I did it, I harm a person or myself badly. And whilst you begin to determine out a way to make amends, you’ll be connecting with Aquarius’s creative energy, which propels you into the future, out of the past wherein your emotional electricity is locked, unable to transport.

Pisces, a Hermaphrodite

The different mystery of the two fish lies in that one is male and the alternative a girl. I’m a hermaphrodite, no longer one or the other completely. During the Piscean Era, I spoke back to the God of Will and my male fish was the stronger. Starting this very year, 2011, I’m simply shifting my energies into the female fish, with the male fish becoming the supporter. Because I am a hermaphrodite, it’s easy for me to start to reply to the Goddess of Love female energies a lot greater.


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