Regarding a possible war with North Korea, there are issues in that plenty of that

  • May 27, 2022

countries military protection and offensive weaponry is below floor. And it will likely be important to have ultra-bunker buster weaponry. Of which these ordinances might not be enough despite the fact that likely will due to the caving in impact of seismic level disruptions from such bombs;

and so therefore I recommend a small 1-2 Mega Ton Nuclear weapon on this type of bunker buster. Why? So it is able to penetrate beneath mountains of bedrocks without failure to dispose of number one targets. We recognise which regions these weapons are and wherein they’re going through. It appears they are going through Japan, South Korea and what they consider to be suitable lengthy variety three level ICBMs at the US. Can those reach the US? Oh, in all likelihood, in all likelihood not with any wonderful accuracy, however that isn’t always very humorous now could be it? In the case of the USA using Tactical Nukes or Bunker Buster nukes on the regions of bedrock beneath which the North Koreans have 144 MM cannons, which can fire approximately 400,000 rounds in approximately eight mins or so the North Koreans say. This risk by myself is why they may be obstinate and willing to be so bold as to play hardball with the United States in alternate for money (extortion) to dismantle their nuclear warhead manufacturing and exporting business. They have nuclear generators and may process spent fuel rods to make guns. They are making plans in this and feature probable already performed a few. This is an international terrorist danger of a one of a kind type, blackmail. If we negotiate there might be others within the future which include those we fake to be our present day allies. Should america save you conflict by means of negotiation with the ones who have no purpose on satisfying their quit of the bargain and feature hobby and economic wants to promote those nuclear warheads to our enemies, or terrorists of the modern-day type. Is our intelligence true enough to insure no nuclear guns leave the united states, are we willing to position American Lives in limbo of that question? If North Korea needs us damage they’ve allies in those other rogue countries and Islamic corporations and they would not fear the use of such an alliance to defeat us. There is hatred and distrust on each facets. If we are to strike first to spare our Allies, inclusive of South Korea, that is simply an option, then we ought to do so by way of unleashing an assault, which could render all other military attacks in the past minor in contrast. Such underground fortified offensive and protective weapons include such guns similar to the NAZI railroad cannons with Krupp barrels that hit Paris from over 35 miles away. Specifically some net sites and navy employees believe that they could absolutely hit downtown Seoul South Korea with over 400,000 rounds inside 6 minutes. The trouble is also that we have large employees on the border with South Korean forces. To penetrate these underground facilities is viable. However we have been studying Visit :- ซีรีย์น่าดูdifferent weapons using sound, ELF and different mystery stuff, which maybe higher than tactical nukes on bunker busters which includes this continued project.


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