The Asus A8E Series Notebook puts the area of enjoyment in your laps.

  • May 14, 2022

 This pocket book helps you to be in contact with the complete international without bothering approximately the outside wires which will become very worrying while you try to skip the device.

Key Features

The Intel Core 2 Duo processor that is present in Asus A8E Series Notebook makes it viable for the pocket ebook to offer boost basic overall performance. The needs of the notebook customers have extended  over the past couple of years. These days the pocket ebook customers have some of concurrently running Bluetooth peripherals on their gadget, which incorporates mouse, keyboards, Headsets, and mobile telephones.

With the built-in Bluetooth V2.Zero+EDR, the A8E pocket book gives maximum records switch rates of 2.1 Mbps, it’s three instances quicker than the modern-day tool can manipulate, and hence lowering strength intake, which significantly blessings battery-set up cellular devices. Visit :- พนันผ่านมือถือ


The display of Asus A8E Series Notebook is of 14.1″ and it is quite a huge display for a pc in this variety. This moreover offers you the closing audio and visible enjoy. The best issue of issue in this notebook is that it does not help CD ROM Drive, DVD Drive or Combo Drive, but it does assist DVD writer stress.

Core Information

With Asus A8E Series Notebook the customers can down load stream HD video, track and information whilst supplying as plenty as a in addition hour of pocket e-book battery existence whilst in comparison to existing Draft-N products with the help of the Cutting-Edge Draft-N Wi-Fi Support, Intel’s Next-Gen Wireless-N generation.


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