This module specializes in the fundamentals of Knowledge Mapping, its importance, thoughts, and methodologies.

  • May 26, 2022

Key Questions

What is K-map?

What does the K-map show, and what can we map?

Why is K-mapping so important?

What are some of the key thoughts, methodologies, and questions for K-mapping?

How can we create K-map?


Each of the past centuries has been ruled thru unmarried technology. The eighteenth century modified into the time of the great mechanical systems accompanying the Industrial Revolution. The 19th century changed into the age of steam engine. After those, the important thing generation has been information collecting, processing and distribution. Among other traits, the installation of world huge telephone networks, the invention of radio and tv, the delivery and unheard of growth of the laptop employer and the launching of conversation satellites are good sized. Now human beings started to think that handiest records isn’t sufficient, what topics is Knowledge. So there has been seen shift from Information to Knowledge. Visit :- เปิดวาร์ปสาวสวย

A bit of data without context and interpretation is data including numbers, symbols.

Information is a hard and fast of data with context and interpretation. Information is the idea for know-how.

Knowledge is a tough and speedy of information and records, to that is added professional opinion and experience, to result in a treasured asset which may be used or applied to aid decision making. Knowledge may be precise and/or tacit, character and/or collective.

The term -Knowledge Mapping- seems to be rather new, however it isn’t always. We were training this in our everyday life, in reality what we aren’t doing is – we aren’t documenting it, and we are not doing it in a scientific manner. Knowledge Mapping is all approximately keeping a report of facts and understanding you want together with in which you can get it from, who holds it, whose understanding is it, and so forth. Say, you want to discover something at your home or to your room, you may discover it very quickly due to the fact you’ve got got nearly all of the records/information about -what’s in which- and -who is aware of what- at your own home. It is a form of map set for your mind approximately your own home. But, to set this sort of map about your employer and organisational information for your mind is type of impossible. This is wherein K-map turns into to be had and indicates records of each bit of information that exists in the corporation together with location, first-class, and accessibility; and understanding required to run the corporation without difficulty – as a result making you capable of find out your required know-how with out trouble and effectively.


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