Weird Story

  • April 16, 2021

He meanders into the woodland, appreciating nature. Out of nowhere, he hears the commotion of a moving toward train, behind him, with its sharp whistle. He is astonished, since there were no rail tracks inside the woods ! In any case, at that point, there was to be sure a train chugging along , and stops when it contacts him. He glances in shock. Presently, the gatekeeper of the train leaps out and comes to him. 

Sir, would you kindly sit down in the train, saved for your movement ? 

Our man is astonished. He inquiries regarding where the train was going. Watchman answers that the train was en route to HELL and it has come to get our man, with a seat saved ! Visit :- เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด

Our man answers that, thinking about the objective, he might not want to travel. The watchman proposes a deal. ‘ Ask anything and it will be given, But don’t decline to travel’. Our man is brimming with shrewdness. He speedily requests that the watchman give him a clock, which would have the option to stop the time , at any piece of his life, where he could proceed with existence with similar delights of life came to at that point, interminably. The gatekeeper grins, and delivers a clock from his pocket. ‘ Be cautious with this clock, and when you press the catch, it will stop and you should proceed in a similar status in life everlastingly’ was his recommendation and after this, the train proceeds onward. 

Presently, our man is exceptionally glad and plans for the ideal time in life to stop the time. He is youthful, instructed and hitched. All things considered, there is time, he contemplates, since he has not achieved a well off position. A couple of years after the fact, he turns into a rich man and when the prospect of squeezing the catch in the clock, he was unable to decide and needs to get more extravagant. 

Presently, suddenly,one day, he endures an immense misfortune in his business and turns into a helpless man. “What is the plan to press the catch now, when I am poor “, he thinks. ” let me return to the old status , atleast”. After some time, he meets with a mishap and has cracked his leg and surprisingly after treatment, he strolls with a limp. The possibility of squeezing the catch never happens to him now. Following a couple of more years, he experiences Arthritis and eventually, gets a coronary episode. 

Presently, he goes inside the timberland, as an elderly person, with no thought about the check securely in his pocket. He is wheezing for breath, since he was unable to walk a significant distance too. Abruptly, he hears a motor clamor, behind him, and the train comes and stops following right after its. 

The gatekeeper leaps out, goes to our man, and expands his hand, without articulating a word. Our man discreetly gives up the clock and loads up the train for his definitive travel.


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